Pharmacy Technician Programs Pearl, MS

In community pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare settings, pharmacy technicians support registered pharmacists in direct patient care and the dispensing of medications to patients. Technicians perform their assigned duties under the close supervision of a pharmacist who must check medications … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Great Bend, KS

Pharmacy technician programs prepare students for entry-level employment in a variety of healthcare settings, including community pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and home infusion pharmacies. Pharmacy technicians are skilled practitioners who assist pharmacists with the preparation of medications for … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Topeka, KS

Pharmacy technicians serve on the front lines of care in community and institutional pharmacies. They assist pharmacists with the receiving, preparation, and dispensing of prescription medications to customers or health care providers. While there are numerous sectors that employ pharmacy … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Lubbock, TX

Pharmacy Technicians are the first point of contact in the pharmacy. They greet customers as they enter and receive their prescriptions or refill requests. While they can answer simple requests from customers, it is not within their scope of practice … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Farmer’s Branch, TX

Pharmacy technicians have an integral role in a pharmacy’s ability to successfully achieve its mission. They help licensed pharmacists with the dispensing of prescriptions and the distribution of health care products to patients. They collaborate with medical professionals to verify … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Durham, NC

In retail and hospital pharmacies, technicians perform on the front lines taking on duties that do not require a pharmacist’s professional judgment. Technicians complete their responsibilities under the direction of a licensed pharmacist and within the state and federal guidelines. … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Smithfield, NC

Pharmacy technicians are allied health professionals who support licensed pharmacists in the distribution of prescription medications, medical equipment, and over-the-counter drugs. They also perform health care services that are a vital part of the services that pharmacies provide to the … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Rosemount, MN

The current demand for pharmacy technicians is a direct response to the increasing need for prescription medications. If you enjoy working with others and pay attention to detail, a career as a pharmacy technician may be rewarding. Pharmacy technicians work … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Pasadena, TX

As paraprofessionals, pharmacy technicians support licensed pharmacists by assisting with activities related to the dispensing of medications and other tasks not requiring the professional judgment of the pharmacist. Their duties include receiving and processing prescriptions, selecting medication products, packaging and … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Redford, MI

Pharmacy technicians assist registered pharmacists with the distribution of medication and other healthcare products to patients. They typically perform those tasks related to the preparation of medications for patients, such as measuring, weighing, and pouring mixtures, counting tablets, and labeling … Read the rest