How To Get Your Pharmacy Technician License

The advancements in pharmaceutical technology and the number of continuously growing health organizations have led to an increased need for skilled pharmacy technicians. Certification as a pharmacy technician requires the completion of an exam administered by a recognized certifying organization … Read the rest

What is a nuclear pharmacy technician?

Nuclear pharmacy technicians are highly specialized pharmacy technicians who prepare and dispense radioactive drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Like other pharmacy technicians, they work under the guidance of a registered pharmacist to distribute healthcare products. Unlike other types of pharmacy technicians, … Read the rest

Does a pharmacy technician need a degree?

Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. They measure liquid medications and pour them for customers’ prescriptions. They keep computer records, do insurance forms, and offer customer service. The requirements to be a pharmacy technician vary by … Read the rest

How to Become A Pharmacy Technician

How to become a Pharmacy Technician – Pharmacy technicians complete a majority of the tasks and duties that are required to successfully operate a pharmacy. The only things that they can’t do are the final check on everything or counsel … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Vs. Pharmacist

It is important to know that there is a difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician. Although, it can be confusing when you go to a pharmacy and see people behind the counter working. It really looks like all … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

The PTCE, or Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, is offered by the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board). Those that wish to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician will more than likely be required to become certified, although not every state … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Salary

If you are considering becoming a pharmacy technician, you probably want to know as much as possible about the salary opportunities that comes with being one. The pay scale for a pharmacy tech can vary from state to state and … Read the rest

What does a pharmacy technician do at CVS?

Pharmacy technicians perform a vital role at CVS/Pharmacy. Every time you go to into a CVS/Pharmacy, you see pharmacy technicians behind the counter filling prescriptions. They’re doing their jobs to ensure that you have the correct prescriptions in the right … Read the rest