About Us


To provide industry-based resources and services for the improvement of career technical education and workforce development instruction, assessment, certification, and delivery.


To be the premier provider of high-quality, industry-based resources for education and workforce development.


VTECS has a thirty-year history of operating as a consortium of states where members pool resources to develop competency-based career and technical education products that are validated by business, industry, and labor. In order to develop these products, VTECS employs a complete occupational analysis system whereby data is collected from incumbent workers for the specified occupational area. With our elaborate and lengthy history, VTECS has had the pleasure of working with numerous federal and state agencies to promote the systematic research, development, and implementation of competency based career-technical education and training.

Products & Services

VTECS Products and Services are used by people who educate and train individuals in all settings–public and private, postsecondary and secondary, business and industry.

In addition to being able to purchase VTECS products and services, states or other entities may become members of the organization. Purchasers in member states and agencies receive substantial discounts on the purchase of VTECS products.

Organizational Structure

VTECS functions through a Board of Directors, which provides each member state an equal opportunity for input regarding the critical issues and policies affecting the consortium. The VTECS Executive Director reports to the VTECS Board of Directors, which is made up of one representative from each member state. VTECS operates with a small central staff augmented by a highly experienced cadre of consultants, who are assigned to projects based on the specific needs of the project. Both staff and consultants have all conducted and/or managed large-scale research, development and programmatic activities in career and technical education. Each team member is highly skilled in working with state, local, and national level management teams and their stakeholders to reach consensus on the concepts and designs under consideration.

The VTECS Organizational Structure consists of the

VTECS Board of Directors

Each member state appoints a representative to the Board of Directors which makes policy decisions for the Consortium.

VTECS Technical Coordinators

Each member state has a person designated as their Technical Coordinator who is responsible for the dissemination of VTECS products.

VTECS Central Office Staff

Coordinates the development and dissemination of all VTECS products. Provides technical assistance to VTECS Members.