Pharmacy Technician Programs Tucson, AZ

Pharmacy technicians support licensed pharmacists by dispensing medications and other health-related products to patients. Their training in the areas of pharmacology, pharmaceutical calculations, drugs and their effects on the body, inventory management, reading and interpreting prescriptions, packaging and labeling products, … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Glendale, AZ

The multi-faceted pharmacy technician is an indispensable part of the pharmacy team. Through close work with a pharmacist and other pharmacy staff, technicians are able to serve public needs in the acquisition of medications and related products. From answering the … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Classes Phoenix, AZ

Today, pharmacy technicians assume a broad range of responsibilities by managing all the daily activities within the pharmacy that do not require a pharmacist’s professional judgment. There are many exciting opportunities for pharmacy technicians in the bustling city of Phoenix, … Read the rest