Pharmacy Technician Schools in Houston Texas

Houston Community College

The Houston Community College Pharmacy Technicians program aims to offer students a diploma certificate within six months. Any student who shows interest must also meet the specific criteria to apply for the program. Requirements include a high school diploma with an above average GPA, and no criminal history. If the application is accepted, the candidates receive invitations for interviews and math tests. The oral, analytical and writing skills of all candidates are subject to assessment, but only the ones with the highest scores will join the program. Throughout the program, students participate in classroom lectures and practical training. They are also required to work in lab settings. Participants are located at the Coleman College of Health and Sciences for the first semester. Afterwards, students will be required to work with different medical facilities across the city. Through the program, students are learning different disciplines, which will include:

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  1. Sterilization Techniques
  2. Packaging
  3. Medical Calculations
  4. Handling Of Prescriptions
  5. Distribution of Drugs

The graduates will receive a certificate upon completion of the program that with accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Upon completion, students will be ready to appear for the PTCB exam to obtain nationwide credibility. From that point, a number of employment opportunities will become available for all candidates, as they will have the ability to move and work at any location they choose such as a retail pharmacy, a hospital or other health-care center.

Contact: 1.713.718.2000

Remington College Houston Campus

Enthusiasts can join the pharmacy tech certification program at either campus. The professors here recognize the growing needs of the pharmacy techs in America. As a result, there is now a shorter program, intended to provide people with the necessary knowledge to begin working in a pharmacy and help patients with their medications. Although this education does not qualify as a Bachelor’s Degree, graduates from this field may find good entry-level jobs at multiple medical facilities. The colleges ensure that the students and staff members hold certified pharmacy tech certificates (CPhT). Although the certificate is not a requirement of many states in the U.S., it can open up more opportunities for graduates to form strong foundations for jobs in the future.

In order to be eligible for this program, students must display proof of high school education with exemplary performances. Additionally, the college will run background checks on any candidates whom apply. Any important information regarding the candidate profile will demand disclosure. After admission, the program will take eight months to complete, during which time the students will take a number of different courses, such as:

1. Computers and Pharmacy
2. Dosage Calculations
3. Pharmacy Law and Ethics
4. First Aid
5. Anatomy
6. Pharmacology
7. Career Development

Besides the courses, students must complete externships in order to qualify for graduation. Following graduation, the new pharmacy techs are ready to take and verity prescriptions, create labels, handle insurance claims and prepare medications if necessary. Excluding the fee for the national certification exams, the program costs about $16,000, which includes course materials and books. The good news is that graduates have a job placement rate of 72% and over 50% of them finish all the studies within the specified period. There are also multiple financial aid options available for anyone who cannot easily afford this education. Further information is available on the college’s website.

Contact: 1.800.560.6192

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Sanford-Brown College Houston

The Sanford Brown College in Houston has one of the most happening pharmacy tech programs across the state of Texas. The college holds an event at the start of each program. At the event, Pharmacy Tech students receive prizes like mp3 players, t-shirts, gas cards and more. The college has an extensive number of campuses across the United States. There is a campus in each of the following cities:

1. Cleveland2. Dallas3. Fort Lauderdale

4. Garden City

5. Houston

6. Iselin


7. Jacksonville8. New York9. Phoenix

10. San Antonio

11. Tampa


For aspirants in the Houston area, the pharmacy tech program is available at the campus in the city. This program, however, is not a diploma program and students will earn a certificate at the end of their studies. This certificate has accreditation from national institutions, which helps in establish the credibility of candidates. Unlike many other schools and colleges, to enter the program, applicants have to submit an application, after which they receive invitations for a test. Only the highest qualifying results from the test can qualify a student and they are still required to satisfy the application criterion, which demands proof of a high school diploma. Also, any previous criminal record could be a hindrance for prospective candidates as the college performs its own background checks. Once students pass the test and the pre-requisite criterion is complete, applicants return for a final interview.

During the course, students will learn about the responsibilities of a retail pharmacist’s and will train in order to assist them. To help, courses specifically focus on prescriptions, anatomy, drug interactions and medical math. There are also courses for career development to help students choose the right path towards success. The cost of the two-semester program is $14,980, which includes the application fee but not the course materials. However, students can qualify for a financial aid or get student loans to finance their education. Refer to the college’s website for more details.

Contact: 1.877.809.2444

Everest Institute

The Everest Institute is a subsidiary of the Everest Group of Colleges. The group has a large number of colleges and institutes spread all across America. There is a campus located in the city of Houston, where a diploma program in pharmacy technology is available for study. The duration of this program is almost two years. The content of the course covers areas such as administration, pharmacology, dosage calculations and medical terminologies. On completion, the candidates are encouraged to sit for the CPhT and ExCPT exams even though they are not a requirement of every state. Many of the graduates from this institute move on to become sales representatives for pharmaceutical organizations. The institute has a high placement ratio, which we expect will continuously rise over the next 10 years.

Throughout these 2 years, students are given knowledge of the following subjects:

a. Pharmacy Administration.b. Medical Calculations.c. Anatomy.

d. Nutrition.

e. Medical Terminologies.f. Healthcare Systems.g. Pharmacology.


At this time, students are also developing excellent customer service and communication skills to be able to interact efficiently with patients, customers and co-workers. After the program, students can move out to work at any of the following places.

1. Hospitals
2. Medical Centers
3. Outpatient Clinics
4. Urgent Care Centers
5. Retail Pharmacies

Depending on which campus you choose to visit to attend Everest College, the name of the program may differ. However, they are all essentially the same and follow the same curriculum. For additional information regarding the Everest Group of Colleges, contact their representatives or refer to the website below.

Contact: 1.888.223.8556

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