Pharmacy Technician Programs Des Plaines, IL

A pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a pharmacist to distribute medication and other healthcare products and assist with daily pharmacy operations not requiring the professional judgment of a pharmacist. Pharmacy technician programs provide adults with a broad knowledge … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs South Holland, IL

The expanding role of the pharmacist in line with the existing role of the pharmacy in the community increases the demand for trained and certified pharmacy technicians. Under the direction of a registered pharmacist, technicians receive and interpret prescription orders, … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Palatine, IL

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in the medication delivery process. As the profession evolves and places additional demands on registered pharmacists, the roles and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians will also increase. Pharmacy technician training programs produce graduates who are able to … Read the rest

Pharmacy Technician Programs Aurora, IL

The demand for highly competent and nationally certified pharmacy technician is a natural response to changes in health care and the expanding role of registered pharmacists. Pharmacy technicians work under the direction of pharmacists to interpret prescription orders, maintain patient … Read the rest